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Off Axis - Tangents - page 6
Choose the Rectangle Tool and while holding down the constrain key (Ctrl) and watching the status line create a square of about 2". Double click on the square to get the freehand rotation handles. Spin the square until one side is parallel with the slanted face. Marquee select both objects and convert them into isometric sides by applying the following using the Transform Roll-up: Horizontal Scale 86.6%, Vertical Skew 30 degrees.
With both objects selected use the Transform Roll-up to rotate everything 120 degrees. Click off and select only the mounting block shape and fill with white. Get the Extrude Roll-up and apply the following: Back Parallel, VP Locked to Object, Vanishing Point Horizontal = 0.0" Vertical = -3.0", Measured form Object Center.
Now use the Transform Roll-up to rotate everything -120 degrees to put the object back into the correct view.


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