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Off Axis - Tangents - page 5
Ungroup this stack and delete the thrust line and all of the extra ellipses. Bingo! Bet you thought this was hard? The point is if you can create a square and rotate it to the correct angle in orthographic you can then build a cube that will solve all tangent projection problems. Next we will use the same approach to solve a different projection problem.
Engineering drawing of a mounting block
Zoom in (F2) until you can see a 3" X 3" area. Choose the straight line pencil tool and construct the block by drawing the following segments (Note: Watch the status line and use the constrain key (Ctrl) for all except the last segment):
Up 0.75", Right 1", Down 3", Left 3", Up 0.5", Right 0.5" Last - connect.
The dashed line is a reference for the hole you will create later.


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