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Off Axis Projections off the Isometric Plane - page 7
When working from an engineering drawing you determine the angle of the cylinder by finding the center point of the extremity by measuring out from the center to establish the size of the sphere and then plotting the x/y offset. In this example the ellipse would end up out on a 45 degree angle.
Draw a 45 degree line (from the center the status line would read 135 degrees) with the straight line pencil tool and the constrain key as shown by the red line. Create a 5 degree ellipse by applying a 10% vertical scale to a duplicate of the circle. Rotate both ellipses 45 degrees using the Transform Roll-up to place the nodes at the proper points in relation to the angle. Position the 5 degree ellipse at the edge of the sphere out along the 45 degree angle. Applying a Blend of 4 steps will create an ellipse (in the second position) that will work for our purposes. Separate and ungroup the blend and delete the 4 extra ellipses.
Move everything off to the side and complete the cylinder as follows: Duplicate the center circle and convert it to an isometric ellipse by applying a 57.4% vertical stretch. Get the outside ellipse and the 45 degree line. Position the two ellipses and the line as shown in A.
Zoom in on the off angle ellipse (top) and reposition the 45 degree line as shown in B (use snap to objects).
Duplicate the line and snap it into position as shown in C.
Adjust the length of the lines in relation to the bottom ellipse and the size of the bottom ellipse until they line up (see D).
Now see E. Break the bottom ellipse at the proper places with the Node Edit Tool (F10). Delete the top half of this ellipse. Shift click select the bottom half and both 45 degree lines and combine them (Ctrl+L). Next join the lines. Close off the top of the cylinder with the straight line pencil tool. Fill everything with white.
The completed construction is shown in F.


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