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Off Axis Projections off the Isometric Plane - page 6
Projections from the center of a sphere must have foreshortening factors applied. To calculate foreshortening - draw a straight line from the center of the circle along the proper angle to the corresponding equatorial or hemispheric section (in this example to the north pole). By manually reducing this line you will find that it is 50 percent of the isometric dimension.
Construct the cylinder by duplicating the isometric (35 degree, 16 minute) ellipse at the north pole. Move this off to the side. Use the Node Edit Tool (F10) to break the nodes at the major axis, break apart the ellipse, delete the top half. Duplicate the line you used to determine the foreshortening factor, Turn on snap-to-objects and drag the line until it snaps into place on the ellipse bottom. Duplicate the line and repeat on the other side. Marquee select both lines and the ellipse bottom and combine (Ctrl+L). Use the Node Edit (F10) to join the open nodes. Next connect the top of the cylinder with a straight line using the straight line pencil tool (F5). Complete the cylinder by duplicating the 55 degree ellipse and dragging it over the cylinder base until it snaps into place. Paint both objects white and adjust the front to back order as necessary.
To add the cube use the rectangle tool and the constrain key (Ctrl) to create a 1 1/2 inch square. Transform this into an isometric front by applying the following from the Transform Roll-up: Horizontal Scale 86.6%, Vertical Skew -30 degrees. Next use the Transform Roll-up to apply a 120 degree rotation to a duplicate to create the side. Snap the side into place and use the Transform Roll-up again to apply a 120 degree rotation to a duplicate to create the top. Snap this into place and position the cylinder.


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