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Off Axis Projections off the Isometric Plane - page 3
Lastly shift click select the western hemisphere section and the circle, duplicate and move off to the side. Select the circle, rotate it -30 degrees and then with the node edit tool (F10) and the Node Edit Roll-up to cusp the nodes at the major axisís of the ellipse. Select the node outside (right) the nodes you just cusped and delete it. Select the outside (right) curve and convert it to a straight line. Next select the western hemisphere section and apply a white fill. This represents the western hemisphere.
In Lesson 14 we created an isometric protractor. In order to complete this exercise you must open that file and save it as the lesson 15 protractor.
Use the ellipse tool and the constrain key (Ctrl) to create a perfect circle to match the major axis of the protractor. Send this circle to the back (Shift+PageDown). The result is the equatorial (blue) section with the proper ellipses.


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