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Off Axis Projections off the Isometric Plane - page 1

Last month we explored projections that were on the isometric plane but off axis. The next step (Case 2) are projections that are off axis and not on the isometric plane. As with any drawing exercise visualization is important. This exercise will concentrate on using the isometric sphere to plot angles and foreshortening factors. The angles and ellipses are everything not shown on the surface of this sphere.

To create a master isometric sphere select the ellipse tool from the tool bar and while holding down the constrain key (Ctrl) draw a 2" perfect circle. Convert it to a curve by selecting it and pressing; (Ctrl+Q). Duplicate the circle and apply an isometric ellipse effect by applying a 57.4 percent vertical stretch to the ellipse. Next draw a short horizontal line (use the constrain key) and align (Ctrl+A) it vertically and horizontally centered. Use the Transform Roll-up to apply a 90 degree rotation to a duplicate of the line. Finally group the ellipse and both lines. The result is the equatorial section and should have a blue pen stroke applied.
Select the group and using the Transform Roll-up apply a 120 degree rotation to a duplicate of the equatorial section. This section is eastern hemisphere section and should have a magenta pen color applied.


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