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Drawing Isometric Hoses
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Hoses are produced using techniques that are very similar to those used to create piping. The main difference is that they have more natural or fluid bends. This exercise will cover both smooth and flexible hoses showing both near and far ends. Once again rendering will be omitted for the sake of covering drawing material. While the hoses demonstrated here will only bend on the x-y coordinates the skills developed here can be used across x-y-z. See next months lesson - Plotting coordinates in x-y-z space for isometric drawings.

Engineering Drawing of an S hose
Check your preferences (Ctrl+J) to make sure that the lines are constrained to 15 degrees. Select the straight line pencil tool, click to start, constrain (Ctrl) and draw the following:
Segment 1 at -30 degrees.
Segment 2 at -67 degrees (No constrain).
Segment 3 at -30 degrees.
Use the proportions shown as a guide.


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