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Drawing Isometric Piping - page 7
Apply a contour from the Effects Roll-Up with the following settings: Outside, Offset 0.1 inch, Steps 1. The thickness of your pipe may differ from that shown. This is due to the scale of the drawings. Simply re-size your drawing until the results look the same, or adjust the offset dimension
Separate the Contour Group from the Arrange Menu and delete the inner line. Un-Group the outside shape and use the Node Edit Tool (F10) to delete one-at-a-time the extra nodes. The result will be flat lines across the ends of the pipe.
Use the Node Edit Tool (F10) to select the flat ends and change them to curves with the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10). Then select the effected nodes and smooth them with the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10).


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