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Drawing Isometric Piping - page 3
In the close-up, notice that the flat line across the end has been selected (black circle) with the Node Edit Tool (F10) change this line to a curve using the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10). Then marquee select the nodes and smooth them using the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10). Bingo. But what would happen it the pipe went in the other direction and we had to see the pipe opening?
First letís create the same pipe but going in a direction where we will see the ends. Get the copy (Ctrl+V) from step 3 and use the Transform Roll-Up to apply a Horizontal Mirror. Then repeat the pervious steps needed to complete the pipe.
Create a perfect circle using the Ellipse Tool (F7) and the constrain key (Ctrl). Duplicate (Ctrl+D) the circle and reduce it as shown by dragging the corner handles. Align (Ctrl+A) the two circles horizontally and vertically centered. Convert to an isometric ellipse by using the Transform Roll-Up to apply a 57.4 percent vertical scale. Now combine (Ctrl+L) the ellipses and apply a -120 degree rotation from the Transform Roll-Up. Fill with white and save this object for future use.


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