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Drawing Isometric Piping
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Even before the days of computers, creating piping drawings has presented challenges. Besides being able to plot where the pipe went and how it bent you had to draw parallel lines to represent the outside of the pipe. No easy task!
Using CorelDRAW it is actually, very easy if you employ the correct tool. In my experience that is the Contour function. 
Note: Due to the amount of work covered this month there will be no rendering exercises.

Engineering drawing of a U shaped pipe
Create a 2 inch square by choosing the Rectangle Tool (F6) and constraining it (Ctrl) while drawing and watching the status line. Apply a 0.25 inch radius to the corners with the Node Edit (F10) tool. Next convert it to curves (Crtl+Q) and use the Node Edit Tool (F10) and the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10) to break the nodes highlighted in black.


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