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Creating Cutouts in Panels - page 3
Engineering drawing of panel 2
Get the object saved in exercise 1 and delete the inner rectangle and both right side ellipses. Did you know that Tech Drawing Tools contains 4 array functions that make this process as simple as point and click?. Move the left ellipses right and in as shown. Make sure the ellipses are aligned horizontally. Select both ellipses and apply a 5 step blend (Ctrl+B). Separate, un-group and combine the blended ellipses. Duplicate - in place - and drag to the right position.
Select both ellipse stacks and apply a blend with 7 steps. Separate, un-group and combine the blended ellipse stacks. Align (Ctrl+A) everything horizontally and vertically and then combine (Ctrl+L). Use the Node Edit Tool (F10) to marquee select all of the nodes and then the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10) to smooth the nodes and fill with white. Convert to an isometric front view by applying the following "Horizontal Scale 86.6 %, Vertical Skew -30 degrees".


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