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Creating Cutouts in Panels - page 1

Creating objects with holes or cutouts in isometrics can be a simple procedure particularly if they represent a repetitive pattern. Owners of it7 will find this especially easy with it7’s array functions. This month I will provide five different examples. Rather than give them names I’ll simply refer to them as panel 1 through panel 5.

Engineering drawing of panel 1
Use the Rectangle Tool (F6) to create a box 2 inches high by 3 inches wide. Create another box 0.83 inches high by 1.08 inches wide. Draw a 0.125 inch perfect circle by constraining the Ellipse Tool (Ctrl+F7) while watching the status line. Position this ellipse in the upper left corner and duplicate in place by selecting and pressing (Crtl+D) [Note set preferences (Ctrl+J) to place duplicates to 0.00 in both horizontal and vertical)].
Drag the duplicate to the lower left corner. Marquee select both ellipses and dupe again and move to the right side. Select all four ellipses and combine (Ctrl+L) them. Now select all objects and Align (Ctrl+A) horizontally and vertically then combine (Ctrl+L) and fill with white.


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