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Isometric Angles - page 9
Apply an isometric effect by using the Transform Roll-Up to apply the following: "Vertical Scale 86.6%, Horizontal Skew 30 degrees, Rotate 30 degrees. Choose the Extrude Tool (Ctrl+E) to apply an extrusion with the following settings: back parallel, VP locked to object, object center, Horizontal 0, Vertical -2.0 If the result is too deep or shallow adjust the vertical dimension until it looks right. Add the missing vertical lines with the straight line pencil tool.
To render: Select the extrude group, separate and un-group. All rendering will begin with C10, M5, I will only give the K value. Select the top and apply a Uniform Fill (Shift+F11) K0. Select the right/inside and apply a Uniform Fill (Shift+F11) of K50. Select the left/inside and apply a Uniform Fill (Shift+F11) K25. Select the large face and apply a Fountain fill (F11) with these settings: Linear, Custom, Position 0 = K60; Position 6 = K40; Position 35 = K40; Position 42 = K10; Position 50 = K20; Position 95 = K20; Position 100 = K40.
Thatís all for this month.
Suggest a topic for a future lesson and Iíll send you a copy of it7 for free if yours is chosen. In case of duplicate ideas the one with the earliest postmark will receive the software. Send your idea to John Morris, Invotech, PO Box 952, Miller Place, NY 11764
Next month we will explore producing cutouts in isometric objects.

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